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Rachel Yang
Jacob Harris

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Cheryl and Shea have helped us secure a group conract rate so please make your reservations through Yellow Umbrella Events only. Each room is directly connected to all of our wedding activities (welcome party, ceremony, reception, etc.) so you'll need to stay within the room block they've set aside. The link below will take you to the page they have created for us.

*Please Note* Room rates and reservations do not include airfare. Airfare must be purchased seperately by our guests. For the best deals, we recommend signing up for flight alerts using google flights, kayak or hopper.

We would like to encourage our guests to arrive as early as check-in time allows in order to maximize their time at the resort and with us!

For more information about the travel and how to book please go to our travel website:




Pack your bags and see you on the beach!

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