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Rachel Yang
Jacob Harris

Our love story


During our gap years before medical school, we met as English teachers in South Korea. We instantly connected, and less than one month after we started dating we headed off together on a two month trip through Southeast Asia. It's impossible to name the moment on that trip when we fell in love, not because there's not one moment, but because there's so many. Rachel throwing herself in front of an oncoming, enraged monkey to save Jacob. That time in Bali when Rachel rented a motorcycle, but her tiny little legs couldn’t reach the ground so Jacob had to drive her all over the island and got incredibly sunburnt. That time in Bali when Jacob was arrested for driving a motorcycle without a license, and Rachel bribed the police to set him free (refusing their initial offer of $40, of course). Bathing baby elephants together in Chang Mai. Forcing Rachel to get up at 3 am to see the sunrise at the Angkor Wat.


Forcing Rachel to live in a hut with no electricity for a night in Sapa (literally there was still a place to charge her phone, it was glamping). Sending up wish lanterns in Taiwan. Sitting on the floor of Jacob’s unfurnished Korean apartment, eating tuna fish out of a can during Korea’s lockdown. And then after our time in Korea, starting our med school journeys together. Exploring Chicago and Philly. Kayaking in Albufeira. Climbing Machu Pichu. And the moments go on. 


What we've learned, what keeps us together through the ups and down of medial school and life, is that we both view everything as an adventure, an endless opportunity for new experiences, exploring, and laughing. Our next stop in this Journey is Cancun, and we´re so excited to invite you all to join us.


Rachel & Jacob


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