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Rebecca Rico-Picarazzi
Aaron  Sadler

Our love story


How we met 


Just when you think you won't ever find the kind of love you are looking for, love sneaks up on you and finds you.  I always believed in soulmates but I didn't think I'd be lucky enough to find mine. Little did I know that the  universe had it all planned out.


A normal day turned into a moment in time that would change our lives forever.  Actually, if I'm being honest - a swipe right would change our lives. The odds of us crossing paths were one in a million. A weekly appointment  no where near my house and an extra overtime shift at a random fire station,  sprinkle that with the magic of the internet, and BOOM. Two people that should never have crossed paths, did!


And that's how our love story began! 


See you in Playa Mujeres, México 03/27/2022


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