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lauren rodgers
anthony shurtleff

Love Story

We have modern technology to thank for bringing us together! Thanks to the dating app Bumble, we met in April of 2018. After talking for a few weeks we agreed to meet for dinner on Sunday, April 29. That night, we talked for hours and agreed we felt something different. Lauren was shocked their conversation was so easy and the next morning they agreed to play a prank on Tony’s twin, Andrew, telling him how horrible the date was and that Lauren ordered an extra plate to go!

Weeks went by and Tony’s double texting and overly attentive nature were new to Lauren, so she tried to silently exit the picture but Tony was determined not to let her go. She finally agreed to a sushi date and remembered the same spark from the first night they met. After playing the cat-and-mouse game for about 4 months, Tony performed the ultimate act of service spending an entire day trying to rescue Lauren after missing her flight home from Croatia. If you know Lauren you're probably not surprised this happened...and if you know Tony you're probably not surprised by how he didn't hesitate to help her. It was this act of service that made Lauren realize how amazing Tony is and how much he truly cared for her... so their story began!

april 28, 2023

Riviera Maya, México

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